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Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae 2018



Emeritus Professor                                   Birthdate:      April 10, 1948

University of Exeter                                  Birthplace:    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Department of Archaeology                   Citizenship:   USA and UK


23213 Road D

Cortez, CO 81321      

wallaceruin at                         Web page:




B.A. Anthropology, University of Arizona 1970

Ph.D. Archaeology, University of Cambridge 1977





1968-1970       Various positions with the Arizona State Museum Highway Archaeology Program, survey, excavation,   analyses, and write-up. 


1969-present   Principal Investigator, Wallace Ruin Project, Museum of Primitive Technology.  Cortez, Colorado.


 1970             Field Assistant, Paleolithic site excavations:  Pech de l'Aze I and IV (University of Bordeau); and Tsar a'Kil, Lebanon (Musee de l'Homme).


 1971             Field Supervisor, excavations, Arizona State Museum Highway Program.


 1972             Researcher, Caddington Project, Southern Methodist University and Oxford University.


1973-1976       Field Assistant,  PaleoIndian sites: Lehner, Claypool, Selby; Smithsonian Institution, University of Arizona, Southern Methodist University.


1973-1978       Various supervisory field positions, PaleoIndian, Early Plains Archaic, Late Prehistoric sites, University of Wyoming.


   1978             Director, University of Wyoming field school: Horner Site.


   1979             Associate Director, Agate Basin Site, University of Wyoming and Smithsonian Institution.



1980-1982       Founding Partner, Complete Archaeological Service Associates.


1983-1984       Research Archaeologist, Center for American Archaeology, Crow Canyon Center.

1985-1996       Senior Research Archaeologist, Crow Canyon Archaeological Center.


1994-1995       Native American Issues Coordinator, Crow Canyon Archaeological Center.


1996-present   President, Primitive Tech Enterprises, Inc.


1998-present   Director of Research, Stix and Leaves Pueblo Project, Cortez, CO


2000-present   Co-principal investigator of research at Krasnyi Yar, Kazakhstan


  1. Lecturer, Department of Archaeology, University of Exeter, UK


2004               Co-director of excavations at Ballyarnett, UK.


2004-2007      Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Archaeology, University of Exeter


2007-2013      Associate Professor, Dept. of Archaeology, University of Exeter


2013-2017      Professor of Prehistory, Dept. of Archaeology, University of Exeter


2017-present   Emeritus Professor, Dept. of Archaeology, University of Exeter




   1987             Adjunct Assistant Professor, Colorado State University, Ft. Collins.


1989-1991       Member, Thesis committee, Anthropology Department, University of Colorado-Denver.


1989-1995       Member, Colorado Historic Preservation Review Board, Governor's appointment.


1983-1993       Member, Dissertation Committee, Department of Anthropology, Washington       

                        State University.


1986-1992       Member, Dissertation Committee, Department of Anthropology, Washington       

                        State University.


1991-1995       Member, State Register of Historic Properties.


1991               Vice President, Colorado Archaeological Society, Hisatsinom Chapter, Cortez.


1992               President, Colorado Council of Professional Archaeologists.


1993              Co-president, Colorado Council of Professional Archaeologists.


1994-1995    Member, Society for American Archaeology, Native American Issues Committee


1996             Member, Afognak Cultural Advisory Board, Kodiak, Alaska.


1997-2003    Board Member Hisatsinom Chapter, Colorado Archaeological Society


1998              Board Member Cortez Cultural Center.



1998-2015       Member, Scientific Board, Mitchell Indian Village and Archeodome, SD


1998-present   Adjunct Professor, Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD


1999-present   Research Associate, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian


2001-2015       Research Associate, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, PA


2002-2003       Honorary Fellow, University of Exeter, UK


2013-present   Adjunct Faculty, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore, India




Lipe, W. D. and B. A. Bradley


   1988  Prehistoric Pueblo Organization, Sand Canyon Locality, Southwestern Colorado.

            Two year grant.  National Science Foundation. Completed.


Bradley, B. A. and W. D. Lipe


   1990  Investigating 13th Century Anasazi Public Architecture at Sand Canyon Pueblo.

            National Geographic Society. Two year grant.  Completed.


Bradley, B. A.


   1992 Kostenki: Its Present and Possible Future.  International Research Exchanges

            (IREX).   One year grant.  Completed.


   1997 Eastern Gravettian Tutorial.  Presenter.  Sponsored by Institute of Archaeology,

            Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow. International Research Exchanges (IREX). 

            One year grant.  Completed.


Olsen, Sandra L and Bruce A. Bradley  


1999    Investigations of Krasnyi Yar, Kazakhstan: A Possible Locus for Early Horse        Domestication.  Three year grant.  National Science Foundation.  $210,000



2004    An Integrated, Multidisciplinary Investigation of Early Horse Pastoralism in

            Northern Kazakhstan.  Three year grant.  National Science Foundation.  $170,000.



Bradley, Bruce A.


2009    Rolling Stones: a revolutionary method of moving large monument stones in the British  

            Neolithic. Gemini Productions £11,000.


Bradley, B. A. (PI), Dietrich Stout (CoI) and James Steele (CoI)


2010    Learning To Be Human, PI Three year grant from the Leverhulme Trust £231,237 concluded 2014.




Bradley, B.


2016    Blackhand Kiva: Biography of a replica ancestral Pueblo subterranean masonry-lined structure, Montezuma County, Colorado, USA. In The life cycle of structures in experimental archaeology: An object biography approach. Edited by Linda Hurcombe & Penny Cunningham, Sidestone Press, Leiden, The Netherlands, pp 199-210.


2006    The Durable Legacy: Architectural Planning at Sand Canyon Pueblo.  In Canyon Gardens: The Ancient Pueblo Landscapes of the American Southwest.  Edited by B. H. Morrow and V. B. Price.  University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque.


2004    Wallace Ruin and Chaco Missions. In Chimney Rock the Ultimate Outlier. Edited by J. M Malville, Lexington Books, Oxford. pp 115-122.


Bradley, B., Collins, M., Hemmings, CA.

2010    Clovis Technology.  International Monographs in Prehistory No. 17.  Ann Arbor, MI.


Bradley, B., S. Olsen, and S. Bektasov

submitted  Neolithic Archaeology Near Kokshetau, Kazakhstan.  In Central Asian Prehistory.  Edited by Irene Good, Routledge Press, Routledge, NY.


Bradley, B., D. Stanford

  1. The North Atlantic ice-edge corridor: a possible Palaeolithic route to the New World.

            World Archaeology 36(4):459-478, Routledge.


2006    The Solutrean-Clovis connection: reply to Straus, Meltzer and Goebel. World        Archaeology 38(4):704-714, Routledge.


Aubry, T, Bradley, B, Almeida, M, Walter, B, Neves, M, Pelegrin, J, Lenoir, M, Tiffagom, M

2008    Solutrean laurel leaf production at Maitreuax: an experimental approach guided by techno-economic analysis. World Archaeology 40(1):48-66, Routledge.


Olsen, S., B. Bradley, D. Maki, and A. Outram

2006    Community Organization among Copper Age Sedentary Horse Pastoralists of

Kazakhstan.  In D. Peterson (ed.) Beyond the Steppe and the Sown: Integrating Local and Global Visions, Proceedings of the First Annual University of Chicago Eurasian Archaeology Conference.  Brill Press, Leiden, Netherlands, pp. 89-111.


Ortman, Scott G. and Bruce A. Bradley

2002    Sand Canyon Pueblo: The Container in the Center.  In Seeking the Center Place.  Edited by Mark D. Varien and Richard H. Wilshusen, University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City.


Stanford, D., B. Bradley

2002    Ocean trails and prairie paths: Thoughts about Clovis origins.  In The First

Americans: The Pleistocene Colonization of the New World.  Edited by N.G. Jablonski.  Memoirs of the California Academy of Science, No. 27.


2012    Across Atlantic Ice: The Origin of America’s Clovis Culture. University of California Press, Berkeley.


Stanford, D., D. Lowery, M. Jodry, B. Bradley, M. Kay, T. Stafford, R. Speakman

2014    New Evidence for a Possible Paleolithic Occupation of the Eastern North American Continental Shelf at the Last Glacial Maximum.  In Prehistoric Archaeology on the Continental Shelf: A Global Review, eds. A. Evans, J. Flatman and N. Fleming, Springer, New York, pp. 73-93.


2014    Reply to O’Brian, et al. Antiquity, 88:614-621.




Bradley, Bruce A.

1972    Predynastic Egyptian Flint Implements: An Inductive Technological Sequence.  Newsletter of Lithic Technology 2(3):2-5.



1974a  Preliminary Report of Excavations at Wallace Ruin. Southwestern Lore 40(3&4):63-71.


1974b  Comments on the Lithic Technology of the Casper Site.  In The Casper Bison Kill  Site, edited by George C. Frison, pp. 191-197. Academic Press, New York.


1975a  Lithic Reduction Sequences: A Glossary and Discussion.  In Stone Tool Use and Manufacture, edited by Earl Swanson, pp. 5-14.  Mouton Press, The Hague.


1975b  A Technique of Drawing Flaked Stone.  Newsletter of Lithic Technology 5(1):6-8.


1976    Experimental Lithic Technology with Special Reference to the Middle Paleolithic. Ph.D. dissertation, University of Cambridge, England.


1978    Hard Hammer - Soft Hammer: An Alternative Explanation. Flintknappers' Exchange 1(2):8-10.


1979    Three Rock Shelters Near Kingman, Arizona.  Ms. on file at the Arizona State Museum, Tucson, Arizona.


1980    Excavations at Az. BB:13:74, Santa Cruz Industrial Park, Tucson, Arizona. CASA Papers No. 1.  Complete Archaeological Service Associates, Tucson, Arizona.


1982a  Lithic Typology and Technology at the Agate Basin Site.  In The Agate Basin Site, edited by George C. Frison and Dennis Stanford, pp. 181-208. Academic Press, New York.


1982b  Cultural Resource Monitoring of a Shell Oil Company CO2 Well Pad and Significance Evaluation of 5MT7525 Montezuma County, Colorado.  Complete Archaeological Service Associates (CASA) Cortez, Colorado.


1984    The Wallace Ruin and the Chaco Phenomenon.  In Insights Into The Ancient Ones, edited by Ed Berger and Jo Berger, pp. 122-127. ISEP, Inc., Cortez, Colorado.


1986    1985 Annual Report of Test Excavations at Sand Canyon Pueblo (5MT765).  Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, Cortez, Colorado.


1987    Annual Report of Excavations at Sand Canyon Pueblo (5MT765), Montezuma County, Colorado, 1986 Field Season.  Crow Canyon Archaeological Center,

Cor­tez, Colorado.


1988a  Annual Report of Excavations at Sand Canyon Pueblo (5MT765): 1987 Field Season. Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, Cortez, Colorado. 


1988b  Kiva Use in the Thirteenth Century in the Mesa Verde Area: A new Assessment. 

            Paper presented at the 53rd Annual Meeting of the Society for American Ar­chaeology, Phoenix.



1988c  Wallace Ruin Interim Report. Southwestern Lore 54(2):8-33.


1988d  Unusual Vessel Forms from Sand Canyon Pueblo, Colorado.  Pottery Southwest 15(2):1-4.


1989    Architectural Petroglyphs at Sand Canyon Pueblo (5MT765) Southwestern Colorado. The Kiva 54(2):153-161.


1990a  Annual Report of the 1989 Excavations at Sand Canyon Pueblo (5MT765).  Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, Cortez, Colorado.    


1991a  Excavations in Public Architecture at Sand Canyon Pueblo: The 1991 Field Season.  Submitted to the National Geographic Society, Washington, D.C.


1991b  Flaked Stone Technology in the Northern High Plains.  In Prehistoric Hunters of the High Plains, second edition by George C. Frison.  Academic Press, Inc., San Diego.


1991c  Anasazi Human Female Breast Effigies: A Fresh Look at Busted Pots.  Pottery Southwest 18(4): 5-9.


1992    Excavations at Sand Canyon Pueblo. In The Sand Canyon Archaeological Project A Progress Report, edited by William D. Lipe, Occasional Papers of the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, No. 2.  Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, Cortez, Colorado.


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1993c  Wallace Ruin: Implications for Outlier Studies.  In Chimney Rock Archaeological Symposium, edited by Kim Malville and Gary Matlock.  Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experimental Station, United State Forest Service, General Technical Report.


1995    Clovis ivory and bone tools. In Le Travail et L'Usage de L'Ivoire au Paléolithique Supérieur, edited by J. Hahn, M. Menu, Y. Taborin, Ph. Walter, and F. Widemann.  Actes de la Table Ronde, Centro Universitario Europeo per i Beni Culturali, Ravello, Italy.


1996    Pitchers to Mugs: Chacoan Revival at Sand Canyon Pueblo. Kiva, 61(3):241-255.


1996    Flintknapping.  In Faces, Vol. 13, No. 3, pp.16-19.



1997a  Flaked Stone Technology at the Sloan Site.  In The Sloan Site edited by Dan Morse, Smithsonian Press.


1997b  Bifacial Thinning in the Early Upper Paleolithic of Eastern Europe.  Chips, 9(2):8-9. Branson, Missouri.


1997c  Ножий Костенковский.  Аркеологи Рассияю Н. 4                                                                                                                                   


1997d  General Observations of Flaked Stone Technology, in Ceramics, Lithics, and Ornaments of Chaco Canyon, edited by Frances Joan Mathien.  Publications in Archeology 18G, Nationa Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior, Santa Fe.


1998a  The Archaic Period.  In Intrigue of the Past Discovering Archaeology in Colorado,

Project Archaeology Team, pp. 2-1 - 2-13.  U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Heritage Education Program.


1998b  Cody; Horner Site; Lithic Technology; Sand Canyon Pueblo, in Archaeology of           Prehistoric North America: An Encyclopedia.  Edited by Guy Gibbon, Garland Publishing, Inc., New York.


1999    A Soho Phase Canal Adjacent to Pueblo Grande, Arizona.  Kiva, 65(1):35-62,       Tucson.




Brunswig, Robert H. Jr.,  Bruce Bradley, and Susan M. Chandler, editors

1995    Archaeological Pottery of Colorado: Ceramic Clues to the Prehistoric and Protohistoric Lives of the State's Native Peoples.  Colorado Council of Professional Archaeologists,Occasional Papers No. 2. Denver.


Bradley, Bruce,  Michail V. Anikovitch, and Evgenij Y. Giria

1995    Early Upper Paleolithic in the Russian Plain: Streletskayan flaked stone artifacts and technology.  Antiquity 69:989-998.


Bradley, Bruce and Melissa J. Churchill

1994    Excavations in Civic Architecture at Sand Canyon Pueblo: the 1992 Field Season.   Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, Cortez, Colorado. 


1995    Annual Report of the 1993 Excavations at Sand Canyon Pueblo (5MT765).  Crow


Canyon Archaeological Center, Cortez, Colorado.


Bradley, Bruce A. and George C. Frison

1987    Projectile points and specialized bifaces from the Horner Site.  In The Horner Site: The Type Site of the Cody Cultural Complex, edited by George C. Frison and Lawrence C. Todd. Academic Press, New York.


1996    Flaked-Stone and Worked-BoneArtifacts from the Mill Iron Site.  In The Mill Iron  Site, edited by George C. Frison.University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque. 


Bradley, Bruce A. and Evgenij Y. Giria


1995    Flint Transport Evidence in the Upper Paleolithic of the European Russia.  VIIth International Flint Symposium, Warszawa-Ostrowiec witokrzyski, 4-8 September 1995, Abstracts.  State Committee for Scientific Research and Polish Academy of Sciences. Warsaw.


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Bradley, Bruce A. and Lisa Huckell

1979    Investigations at La Mano Sola: Az. 15:26.  MS on file at the Arizona State Museum, Tucson.


Bradley,Bruce A. and Nada Khreisheh

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1984    Archaeological Excavations near Zia Pueblo, New Mexico.   CASA Papers No. 2.  Complete Archaeological Service Associates, Cortez, Colorado.


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Henry, Don O., C. Vance Haynes and Bruce A. Bradley

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Khreisheh, N., , D. Davies and B. Bradley

2013   Extending Experimental: Control The Use of Porcelain in Flaked Stone Experimentation,

            Advances in Archaeological Practice, Vol. 1, No. 1, Delivered by ttp://

IP Address:, Tuesday, August 20, 2013 7:50:09 AM


Kleidon, Jim and Bruce A. Bradley


1989    Annual Report of the 1988 Excavations at Sand Canyon Pueblo (5MT765).  Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, Cortez, Colorado. 


Lightfoot, Ricky R. and Bruce A. Bradley

1986    Field Manual.  Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, Cortez, Colorado.


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Schwab, Angela L. and Bruce A. Bradley

  1. The Crow Canyon Archaeological Center Laboratory Teaching Manual.  Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, Cortez, Colorado.

Varien, Mark, William D. Lipe,  Mike A. Adler, Ian M. Thompson, and Bruce A. Bradley

1996    Southwestern Colorado and Southeastern Utah Settlement.  In The Prehistoric Pueblo World A.D. 1150-1350.  Edited by Michael A. Adler, The University of Arizona Press, Tucson.




  1971-2014     Lithic technology workshops/presentations at Augustana College, Buffalo Museum of Science, University of California (Berkeley), California State University Fullerton, University of Cambridge, Carnegie Museum, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh University, University of Iowa, University of Kansas, Kent State University, University of Kentucky, Oxford University, University of Massachusetts, Mercyhurst College, Michigan State University, University of Minnesota,  University of New Mexico, University of Northern Kazakhstan, University of Oslo, Rice University, Smithsonian Institution, Southern Methodist University, TARL (Austin), University of Texas, University of Texas (San Antonio), University of Victoria, University of Wyoming, Bergbau Museum, Bochum, Germany, Lund University, Sweden, Reading University, Southampton University, Liverpool University, John Moores University, University of Liege, University of Manchester, Durham University, Oxford University, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore, India, University of Uruguay, Montevideo, Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C., Indian Museum, Calcutta, University of São Paulo, Brazil, New Scientist, London



1975-2004       Various presentations/papers at international, national, regional, and local professional meetings including the Plains Anthropological Association, the Society for American Archaeology, Southwest Symposium, Pecos Conference, International Flint Symposium; Italy, Norway, Russia, England, Germany, Sweden, Kazakhstan, UK, etc.


1971-2004       Lectures/presentations to amateur archaeological societies in Washington, Ohio, Oregon, Wyoming, California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, New York, South Dakota, Texas, England, Kazakhstan, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Norway, etc.


1973    Invited participant, International Symposium on Lithic Technology, Pullman, Washington.


1984    Invited participant, Symposium on Bighorn Basin Archaeology, Northwestern Wyoming Community College, Cody, Wyoming.


1988    Co-organizer of Pecos Conference in Cortez, Colorado.


1988 & 1990   Lectures and demonstrations at the Buffalo Museum of Arts and Sciences, Buffalo, N.Y.


1989    Invited participant in Soviet-American Scientific Exchange cosponsored by the Soviet Academy of Sciences and International Research Exchanges (IREX).


1991    Lecture and demonstrations at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Cleveland, Ohio.


Helped organize part of the visit of a Soviet Scientific delegation to the U.S. and  chaired a session of presentations at the Denver Museum of Natural History.


Co-organized and hosted a two month research visit of a Soviet collegue leading to a co-authored publication in a scientific journal.


Presentation/paper at the "Mesa Verde Symposium on Anasazi Architecture and American Design"


1992    External reviewer, lecture, and flintknapping demonstration for the Institute for Minnesota Archaeology.


1992    Particpant/presentor at conference "Le travail et l'usage de l'ivoire au Paleolithique superieur" sponsored by the European University Centre for the Cultural Heritage, Ravello, Italy.


One month research collaboration in Russia with the Institute of Material Cultural History, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, and with the Kostenki Museum Preserve, Voronezh, R.F.S.F.R.



1994    Leader of Crow Canyon excavations at Kostenki I, Russia in cooperation with the Institute of Material Culture History, St. Petersburg.


1995    Consultant on the Botai Project in Northern Khazakhstan, cosponsored by the Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh and North Kazakhstan University, Petropavlovsk.


1995    Contributor to the VII International Flint Symposium, Ostrowiec, Poland.


1996    Leader of Crow Canyon excavations at Zaraysk, Russia in cooperation with the Institute of Archaeology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow.


1997    Keynote speaker for opening of Anthropology Museum exhibit at California State University- Fullerton.  Invited participant in Folsom Workshop, Austin, Texas.


1998    Distinguished Lecturer at the University of  Wisconsin, La Crosse. Leader excavations at Zaraysk, Russia in cooperation with the Institute of Archaeology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow.


1999    Co-leader of excavations at Tossal de la Roca, Spain.


2000-2003 Leader of amateur groups working at the Gault Clovis Site, Austin, Texas


2003 Leader of amateur group working at Les Maitreaux and La Picardie, France


2004 Leader and co-director of amateur and student group working at Ballyarnett, Northern Ireland, UK




1972-2004       Participated in educational films for the University of Iowa, the University of Kansas, Shell Oil Educational Film Division, and Public Broadcasting Associates “Odyssey” Series, South African Broadcasting Company documentary "Human Origins", Japanese Public Broadcasting series on Extinctions, The Canadian Broadcasting Company, Nickelodion, the Tokyo Broadcasting System, Millenium Series by BBC and Turner, Korean National Television, History Channel, PBS and Channel 4 London, Discovery Magazine Television, Wall-to-Wall Production for Discovery.


1980    Technical advisor, United States Park Service, Audio-visual Department, Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, film "The Anasazi".


1989    Produced instructional videotape "Flintknapping".  45 minute lecture/demonstration of flintknapping basics.


1972-2003       Produced and supplied replica artifactual materials for displays and teaching collections for: The University of Cambirdge Museum; the Smithsonian Institution, New York Museum of Natural History; the Maxwell Museum; the Arizona State Museum; the Denver Museum of Natural History; the Anasazi Heritage Center, The Mammoth Museum, South Dakota, and others.



1997    Analysis and reevaluation of Ray Long Site flaked stone (Angostura).  Archaeology Lab, Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD.


1997    Featured in New Yorker magazine article The Lost Man by Douglas Preston, 16 June issue


Featured in documentary video on World Heritage Parks by Tokyo Broadcasting  

Company (in Japanese).


2002    Featured in BBC Radio programme on Early Horse Domestication in Kazakhstan.


2002    Featured in BBC Television Horizon programme “Ice Age Columbus”.


2004    Participant and advisor to NOVA program America's Stone Age Explorers


  1. Technical advisor and featured in docudrama for Discovery channel produced by Wall-to-Wall Productions, UK.

2010-present   Workshops in India (Bangalore, Calcutta and Madras), Brazil (Universities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janiero), Argentina and Uruguay.

2012    Featured in documentary Ice Age Columbus (NOVA)

2013    Featured in documentary Secrets of Stonehenge (HORIZON)

2014    Featured in documentary Prehistoric Autopsy (BBC)

2018    Featured in documentary Ice Bridge produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Company and the Smithsonian Channel.

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