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     The Palaeolithic, also known as the Old Stone Age, falls within the Upper Pleistocene Epoch fro around 3 million to 10,000 years ago comprising about 99.7% of the human experience.  Throughout this time most archaeological evidence is found in the form of stone tools, fossilized bone and most importantly, geological contexts.  Starting with my experience in France in 1970 (see Middle Palaeolithic page) I have been involved in projects that include the basic chronological subdivisions of Lower, Middle, and Upper Palaeolithic.  This includes my PhD research, which involved interpreting Middle Palaeolithic  behavior through experimental replication of a specific stone technology.

   While it is technically correct to include the Pleistocene sites in the Americas in the Palaeolithic, I deal with these separately, both in Current and Finished Projects.

     This map indicates where I have been involved with excavations and/or artifact analyses, most resulting in one or more publications.  I plan to eventually have a web page for each of these projects.


L = Lower Palaeolithic

M= Middle Palaeolithic

U= Upper Palaeolithic

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