Eden points are part of what is known as the Cody Complex.  They are found with Scottsbluff points and Cody knives.  They date from around 8,550 to 8,000 years ago and are mainly found on the High Plains.  They are best know from bison kill sites in Wyoming (eg. Horner site) and Colorado (eg. Olsen-Chubbuck site).  Eden points are one of the best made and were produced by highly skilled knappers.

Eden point replica

  • This piece was made from Spanish Point agate fro north central Wyoming.  It started as a large flake that was shaped and thinned with percussion after which it went through several reduction stages by highly controlled pressure flaking to produce the central ridge. Made by Bruce Bradley in Colorado December 2020.



Overview of east side of town with glory hole in the background

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