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This hard cover book presents the Fenn Cache, a remarkable assemblage of Clovis projectile points and tools originating in present day Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah. The cache includes masterfully worked bifaces in virtually every stage of manufacture in obsidian, chert, jasper, quartz, and agate. This collection exemplifies the amazing skill, craftsmanship, and complex thought that went into the production of these stone points and knives. Illustrated with Pete Bostrom's beautiful, three-view color photographs of each artifact, as well as detailed line drawings by Sarah Moore and imaginative illustrations of Clovis people and activities by Glen Strock, The Fenn Cache will appeal to general readers and engage a younger audience in archaeology and the history of ancient Americans.

Book- Fenn Cache: Clovis Weapons & Tools by George Frison and Bruce Bradley

  • Clovis sites are known throughout North America. Although there is debate about the origins of the Clovis people, most archaeologists agree that these hunters of mammoth and other megafauna were on this continent by the end of the last ice age about 13,500 years ago.


  • NEW in original packaging .  A limited number of signed copies are available.  Inquire for availability and pricing.

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