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Publications and Media

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Over the years of my involvement with knapping and archaeology I have published many articles, book chapters and even some books.  Most of these I have made available on  Many of the articles and book chapters may be downloaded, however some are still in copyright and I can't legally make them available.  This is especially true of the books, except for Clovis Technology, which is available as a PDF.  There are also some entries that haven't been published in the general press, for example my PhD dissertation and some site reports such as Stix and Leaves Pueblo.  At this point in my career I am more inclined to 'publish' on-line rather than go through the complex process of academic presses.  I still ascribe to the concept, if not the actual process which is often as political as academic, of peer review and will endeavor to have my 'unpublished' works reviewed.  I will continue to add new and old manuscripts/publications to my Researchgate account. 

As with many scientists, over the years I have also been involved with popular media.  This has taken the form of news items (newspaper stories, magazine interviews, TV, Youtube,etc.) as well as documentaries and even as an adviser to James Michener  on his novel 'Centennial'.  I have produced a series of knapping videos that have sold reasonably well over the years.  Check the links below for some lists and examples.

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