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South America
Brazil 2016

Iporanga and Maxiliano Cavern


Iporanga town, São Paulo State


In 2016 while I was  in Brazil to work on the Bastos site and do a knapping workshop, my colleagues Astolfo Araujo and Mercedes Okumura took me to see a rock


shelter site in southern São Paulo State.  The site had been tested by an amateur where he found several burials and an early date.  It is in a State park and only accessible with a guide.  It involved a challenging hike through  the forest, seven river crossings and trails up and down mountain sides.  We also wore 'gators' because of the frequency of poisonous snakes. Unfortunately we didn't see any.  The river was cold clear and fast in some places.  At one point we had to walk in the river for several hundred meters.  It 


was numbing.  The

river issues from a

substantial cavern;

Maxiliano.  We investigated the rock shelter and there is a lot of potential for further discoveries.  Then our guide took us through the caverns.  They are active with some areas of stalagmites and other formations. It was very strenuous.

Trail through the forest

River crossing preparation

Astolfo at the cavern mouth


Cavern mouth from inside.


Merecdes crossing the river

It was a really interesting adventure and by the time we got back to our truck I really understood the concept of 'rubber legs'.  I am currently included in a grant proposal to do archaeological work in the area with Mercedes.  Perhaps it will include returning to Maxiliano Cavern



Uruguay 2018
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