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South America

Working in South America wasn't in my plan, however in 2010 I was invited by Nora Flegenheimer to make a presentation at the V International Symposium Early Man in America: a hundred years after the Ameghino-Hrdlicka debate (1910-2010) in La Plata, Argentina.  I would also visit Necochea and offer a knapping workshop and give a knapping presentation in Buenos Aires.  My expenses were covered so of course I accepted.  

While I was already acquainted with a number of South American archaeologists, those I met at this meeting led to my active involvement in research and teaching in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.  Since that first visit I have done workshops and short courses and in all three countries and am actively involved in research projects in Brazil, with Astolfo Araujo and Mercedes Okumura, and Uruguay with Rafael Suarez.  

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